“Sufficiency Economy”

             Hi everyone, This week we can said it is a moment of our history. Our greatest king passed away,this make people all over country very sad. So this week I skip an international cuisine and I will introduce you to Our King Rama 9 favourite cuisine.

             Many people think that Royal family has to eat a luxury food all the time but it is not for Our majesty king. Professor Wandee Na Songkhla says “Rama 9 love food with vegetable as ingredient”.She is a professor of cooking in Lady’s palace.Here is some example of food she told.

1. Pad Khanaeng(Fried kale)

Khanaeng is the sprouts of Chinese broccoli and grow from the root after the main stem has been harvested. The taste is in between Brussels sprouts and kale, and very sweet.


2. Pad tua nhog (Fried Bean sprout)

Bean sprouts are a common ingredient, especially in Eastern Asian cuisine, made from sprouting beans.The typical bean sprout is made from the greenish-capped mung beans. Other common bean sprouts are the usually yellow, larger-grained soy sprouts. It typically takes one week for them to be completely grown. The sprouted beans are more nutritious than the original beans and they require much less cooking time and, therefore, less energy.


3.Pla duk phat phet

Slices of catfish (most often pre-fried) are stir-fried in a sauce made with red curry paste. Pea eggplant feature in this dish for added taste and texture.


4.กล้วยหักมุกเชื่อม (Syruped banana)

This one is Thai dessert that very popular and easy to make.In Thailand we are in hot region so we can plant many of banana and this is one of banana transform product in Thailand.


 5.Bami mu daeng (Egg noodle soup with red roast pork)

Originally a Chinese dish, it is now common in Thailand. Often served with chillies in vinegar, and dried chilli flakes.


Here we are for this we. I,Tawan Hirunyapong,happy to born in this era and love my majesty king with my heart.


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