I’m hungryyyyyyy

            Last week we talk a bit about food truck,we can see food truck all around our city now and it is mostly common in night market. So today I will show you some of famous  food truck here. Let’s seeeeee

Daniel Thaiger

Daniel Thaiger is a burger truck that has remarkable taste. In other hand, it also first food truck in Thailand.This Homemade burger is really make people love it with  good picks ingredients and they had a burger that will hard  on the bread but it will be sticky inside.

Place: Sukhumwit 23  from 17.30 till 22.30

2.  Street Burger

This truck we commonly see in many night market event but it is originally place in Train market Radchada. It is a new food truck in here but its taste is not second to any. Menu in truck is not much there is only pork and meet but it will fill with special sauce, special order bread and fresh vegetable. This is why people love Street Burger.

Place: Train market Radchada Only Thursday-Sunday

3.  Forkers

For food truck, there is not only burger and hotdog that are sell. But also here is a Pasta on food truck.  Forkers is a food truck that sell spaghetti with its bright orange truck and alluring smell that attract many people.

Place: Only event

4. Eatsy

Eatsy is the most coolest dumpling seller inn ever. With not expensive menu with Thai style dumpling It make this food truck really remarkable.

place: Train market radchada open Thursday till Sunday


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