HI there,after I wrote blogs about food truck so this made me want to have my own truck. After I did my research,this week I will in introduce you guys 3 elements that will success in food truck business. What is important for a food truck,it is not concern about taste only.



You should ask yourself where you want to be settle because the location is the main element for selling. In food truck case,your truck has to movable so you have to know where you will move to. You should concern about audience target. Who you will sell where can you find them.

2. Choose your truck

Absolutely if you want to start food truck business,you must have you own truck. And here are list truck seller companies.

-tong tong DSFK

It is a famous car band in China. Now,in Thailand, they see the only truck for food truck. They sell  a small truck and not expensive one and also design food truck for people.



Next one is Suzuki, we can say that many people in Thailand know this car band. SO Suzuki carry is known for car for food truck. Because it is very strong and can carry a ton of weight. Carry also design for food truck.


3. Idea Design Decoration

The idea for decoration is an identity for your food truck. First, you have to find your concept and it will cost around 100,000-500,000 bath. It will take 1-2 month to build up your food truck. There are many places that will service you for build it up and they will give you an advice without taking any cost.

Whoaaaaa from what  I see now. If I want to have my own food truck,I also have to get some budget like 50k to have my own food truck.


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